Remotescape Versus the Kaleidescape iPad App

What's the difference between the Remotescape apps and the Kaleidescape app for iPad?

With the recent introduction of an iPad control app from Kaleidescape, some of our users may be wondering about the benefits of Remotescape's apps. Remotescape was the first mobile device control application for Kaleidescape systems, and remains the most feature-rich and powerful iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch remote control application for Kaleidescape users. The following table compares Remotescape's apps and the Kaleidescape iPad app:




Browse your movie and music libraries yes yes
Remote control of Kaleidescape on-screen display yes yes
Automatic setup yes yes
iPad version yes yes

Kaleidescape Cover Art view

  • Browse your movie and album covers in the familiar cover art view
  • Touch to scroll, select and play any of your movies or albums

iPhone & iPod touch version

  • Use your Apple iPhone or iPod touch to control playback of movies and music from anywhere in your home
  • No need for an iPad in every viewing zone

Programmable Volume Control

  • No need for expensive controllers
  • Control any IP-enabled amplifier or TV directly
  • Use affordable IR-Serial controllers, such as Global Caché bridges, to control all other equipment

Add custom buttons for anything

  • Add custom buttons to control anything in your home—lighting, security, or any IP-enabled component
  • Programmable buttons are accessible directly in the Remotescape app

Touch-gesture control of on-screen display

  • Why settle for a picture of a remote control?
  • Scroll the Kaleidescape on-screen display with Remotescape's intuitive gesture-based remote

One-touch movie reviews and ratings

  • One-touch access to popular movie review and rating sites, directly from movie details
  • Reviews and ratings from Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, and CommonSense Media

A Personal Note from the Founders of Remotescape

Many of our customers have wondered what the release of Kaleidescape's own iPad control app means for the future of Remotescape.

First, we want to thank our many users for their support and praise of Remotescape since its launch in 2009. Since the initial iPhone and iPod touch product launch three years ago, we have continued to add many new and exciting features for our users, including movie support, an iPad version, volume control, custom buttons, and movie reviews & ratings.

We believe that Remotescape still represents the most powerful and feature-rich iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch control application for Kaleidescape systems. Remotescape will continue to be available to users who want all the unique features Remotescape provides.