The most powerful way to control your Kaleidescape System

NEW: Remotescape vs. the Kaleidescape iPad app: a feature comparison

What is Remotescape?

Remotescape is an iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch application for remote control of the Kaleidescape System. It’s a complete wireless remote control for every feature of your Kaleidescape System. Best of all, it combines the beautiful touch-based interfaces of the Apple iPad and iPhone with the rich movie and music data the Kaleidescape System is renowned for.


Volume Control & Custom Buttons

Configure Remotescape to control the volume in any of the Kaleidescape zones of your home, and optionally add custom buttons that send commands to other components. Once configured, works from every iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch in your home: no need to configure each device separately.

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Remotescape is the perfect complement to the Kaleidescape experience.

Now available for purchase on the Apple App Store.

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