Volume Control and Custom Buttons  

Remotescape Volume Control & Custom Buttons

Now you can control the volume, and add custom buttons, directly from Remotescape!

  • Turn the volume up and down, and even toggle muting on and off—without leaving Remotescape.
  • Configure Remotescape to control the volume in any of the Kaleidescape zones of your home.
  • NEW! Add custom buttons that send commands to other components in your home.
  • Once configured, works from every iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad in your home: no need to configure each iPhone separately.

How does it work?

Enter a few details about your A/V system into our installer web portal, which enables the volume control & custom buttons features for each of your Kaleidescape zones. The Remotescape app automatically loads these settings from our web site, giving you instant control over the volume in your Kaleidescape System—from every iPad, iPhone and iPod touch in your home.

Most Remotescape customers will prefer to have their Kaleidescape installer configure volume control and custom buttons for them, but users are welcome to configure these features themselves if they have the technical knowledge and documentation for their audio components.

For more technical details, read the Volume Control Tutorial that walks through a complete system configuration.

What can Remotescape volume control & custom buttons do?

The Remotescape installer web portal lets you specify commands for the three new volume control buttons in the Remotescape app. As long as the audio equipment in your Kaleidescape zones can be controlled over TCP/IP (i.e. over the WiFi network), then you can configure Remotescape to control the volume in your home. Along with the volume buttons, you can also send commands when Remotescape starts, providing additional control over the Kaleidescape activity.

You can also add custom buttons in Remotescape that send commands to other components. These buttons will appear under the volume control buttons in Remotescape for iPhone and iPod touch, and are accessed from a new button beside the volume control buttons in Remotescape for iPad. Arbitrary commands can be added to each custom button, allowing you to control any other components in your home from inside Remotescape.

How much does it cost?

Licenses for volume control & custom buttons start at $99 (US) for one zone, with discounts for purchases of five or more zone licenses at one time. A single license enables both the volume control and custom button features. Licensing is per configured Kaleidescape zone. Dealer discounted pricing is available for official Kaleidescape dealers. Kaleidescape dealers may contact us for pricing details at dealers@remotescape.com.

How do I sign up?

Installers are invited to sign up for a free installer account at the Remotescape installer web portal:

      Sign up for a free Remotescape installer account now!

Get instant access, and begin testing volume control & custom buttons immediately.